Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Leaf

As we now head into our next 100 blog posts, it seems like a good time to rethink how I go about doing my irregular writing.  I recently read an article about a guy who did a blog post about Mario (The Plumber not the former Bayside Wrestler) every day for the year.  I found that article a bit inspiring.  Why can't I do that?  Maybe if I found a topic that I really cared about it might be easy to bang out a little something, something everyday.  Heck, if this person can do a post (almost) everyday, why can't I.

The problem isn't a topic that I am interested in enough to dive into it for a full year.  I certainly don't have that passion for a video game (except for maybe Tecmo Bowl and Agent USA) like my inspiration.  So instead of fixating on a single topic, I am going to try doing a rotating schedule of alternating subject matters to power me through this mission.  

Do I believe that this is the trick that it will take for me to post regularly?  Not in a million years.  How long do I think it will take before I miss a day or abandon the schedule all together?  Wouldn't be surprised if it was within the week.  But hey, why not at least try.  And with that as my introduction, here is the tentative schedule with explanations to come as to what many of these topics actually represent.

Monday - Pen of the Week
Tuesday - A Science Like Substance
Wednesday - Art Apprectiation
Thursday - This Week in Pirate Futility
Friday and Saturday - What ever strikes my fancy

And there you have it.  The quest begins.  But before I call this post to a close let's enjoy a fine piece of classical music.  Rock it Rockapella!

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