Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Any father that is willing to go to this length to deliver a stuffed animal to his daughter deserves to be honored on this day.

Why didn't he just put the bunny back in the box?

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Award for Best Use of a Tuba

Since I am on the topic of high quality musical numbers from Saturday Night Live, I had to highlight this bit of high art. It has got everything or at least everything that matters to me. Nostalgia for a well remembered piece of pop iconitry. Close but not quite over exposed Dr. Horrible. Overproducing what had typically been considered background noise to a ridiculous level. If only all iconic TV theme songs got such treatment.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bowl Season Wrap-up - Slightly Delayed - Again

With the Big12 barely clinging two life, I thought it might be a good idea to finally finish this post that I started back in January. Two years back, I did a round up of the BCS bowl games by compiling the records of the different conferences. I repeated this little exercise with the results from the 2009-2010 bowl season but to make up for the missing year I also did a cumulative record from the past 3 years. So, is there anything here of interest? Well, the not quite departed but surely to be renamed Big 12 has enjoyed both more recent and long term success than the two conferences that stole their teams. But then again, the moves of those teams weren't driven by seeking a more winning tradition. A bigger TV paycheck was the draw. Oh yeah, and academic alliances - and if you believe that I have some picturesque Louisiana beach front property to sell you. In fact, the two teams that bolted weren't the ones really driving that success of the conference so if anything, they left for a conference that gives them a better chance at winning.

But what I think is the most striking thing about the below results and the recent realignment announcements is what is happening with the Mountain West Conference. The success of the MWC puts the Big East and ACC to shame. They should not be begging to be included in the BCS. The Big East and ACC should be begging to remain a BCS conference. And now the MWC has added Boise State, the most successful non-BCS school outside of the MWC. Yet the MWC is still a second class conference. Ahhh, yet another reason to pay very little attention to college sports. They make money like professionals. They chase money like professionals. They give lip service to the student athlete but care for their education as much semi-intelligent individuals cared for the Lost finale. And they treat the everyone like a typical Glen Beck fan by thinking we will fall for the line that they actually care about crowning the best team as champion. As I have said before, I have no problem with the old bowl system. It never gave us a definitive champion but then it never pretended to. The current system that relegates the MWC to the ghettos of college football with the likes of Northern Illinois and Toledo insults everyone's intelligence.

Final College Football Bowl Standings

Conference W L GB
MWC 5 1
SEC 6 4 1
Big East 4 2 1
Big Ten 4 3 1.5
Ind 1 0 1.5
Big12 4 4 2
Sun Belt 1 1 2
ACC 3 4 2.5
WAC 1 2 2.5
C-USA 2 4 3
Pac10 2 5 3.5
MAC 1 4 3.5

Bowl Season Performance - 2007-2009

Conference W L GB
SEC 19 8 -
MWC 12 4 1.5
Big 12 13 7 2.5
Pac-10 11 7 3.5
Sun Belt 3 2 5
Ind. 2 2 5.5
Big Ten 11 12 6
C-USA 8 10 6.5
Big East 8 11 7
WAC 3 9 8.5
ACC 9 16 9
MAC 1 12 11

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Saturday Night !!!

Despite Saturday Night Live's long history of producing comedy superstars, it has an equally long history of not being funny. With each passing year, critics like to sound the bell that Saturday Night Live has lost its way. It relies to heavily on catch-phrase spewing stereotypes. Skits are based on a single joke stretched out for 5 minutes. The skits meander with no real ending. Blah. Blah. Blah. The complaints don't change. Just the date on the columns. The problem is the complaints could justifiably apply to any year of the show's existence. It has always been the way it is currently described. Our collective memory is just clouded because of the post-SNL success of the actors. Because they are funny now, they must have been hilarious on the show. And then when they cherry pick the best parts of the few good comedy bits for those retrospectives, our distorted memory is confirmed. From the Eddie Murphy era to the Will Ferrell era to the glorious current rein of the Fred Armisten era, the show was and is 95% awful on a weekly basis. The current version of the show only has two parts that work. The Weekend Update is always worthwhile although it was at its best when it paired Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Secondly, SNL does musical comedy well, particularly as part of their internet-driven Digital Shorts. Surprisingly, one of my favorite resent musical jokes came outside of this format in a normal skit. I have to say, I continue to laugh when I see. In fact it was so good that is accomplished the primary goal of all SNL shows, to advertise and sell its host and musical guest. I was so taken with the tune that I went looking for a Micheal Buble song that sported the same melody and what I found wasn't half bad.

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