Saturday, August 4, 2007

Eight is Enough, Nine is Enough, Ten is Enough....

The news is out that the Dugger litter has added another puppy (the 17th) on their personal crusade to overpopulate the world. The baby factory says they are not done. I can see why, one more and they can field two full baseball teams. Until then, the kids have to include children that aren't their siblings in their 9 on 9 scrimmages. And who wants to be exposed to the outside world?

Actually, this story and the attention it gets disgusts me. Especially because it feeds right into the raging egomania of the parents that drives this nonstop reproduction. They may feel really special about having a constantly knocked-up woman of the house but what about the children. Don't they deserve a real mom, not one that is constantly incapacitated. The unbelievable selfishness of these people. They readily admit that the only way the household can run is if each of the older kids parent that younger ones. I know, how about the parents parent their kids? Oh yeah, they are too busy enjoying their appearances on the Today show and the Discovery Channel to worry about that. When do their kids get to be kids? To top it all off and to make sure the kids are shielded from the realization that their family is profoundly screwed up, they "home-school" them. This is, of course, a euphemism for keeping them dumb and indoctrinated. Plus they would lose the free day care for the young ones if they sent the old ones to school. Just the idea of successful "home-schooling" with this number of kids, with this wide an age range, and a teacher that is always on maternity leave makes no sense. I am guessing graduation requires them to successfully fake being literate. Now that the mom is getting up there in age, I imagine that this families mission to populate an entire city from a single uterus won't seem like so much fun when the first Downs kid shows up. Some one needs to stop these fame whores before they damage more kids lives for their own glory.

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