Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reality is a Fraud

Only the truly self-delusional ever believed that most things billed as reality television were true slices of life.  The crazy antics and unlikely situations of “Duck Dynasty” are as spontaneous and genuine as the outcomes of every WWE match.   I guess it is just too much to hope that there are Tiffany Lamps and antique musket rifles dating back to the Revolutionary War buried in every abandoned storage locker.  Yet, it still hit me pretty hard when I learned that one of my favorite 30 minute time wasters had has much integrity as Honey Boo Boo.  “House Hunters” seemed like a format that didn’t really need to be “enhanced”.  There wasn’t staged conflict or outsized personalities.  Someone was buying a house and we got to see a couple of the houses they looked at.  Simple enough.  But I guess not.  It was all a fraud.  A charade.  There was a wizard behind the curtain.  How did I not see it?  All the signs were there.  Just look at this old episode of “House Hunters International”.  Two of the houses they looked at are owned by incredibly famous people who were obviously never going to sell.  As the blogs reported, they were obviously just friends of this episode’s subject who allowed their homes to be filmed.  I bet that wasn't even a real princess.  I guess from now on I will just stick to the TV shows that I know are staged, scripted, and full of lies. Like Presidential Debates.